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Infection & Inflammation Formulas

Dr. Chunze Zhu keeps two formulas on his shelf all the time in case his patients need to cope with infection and inflammation. They are CHUAN XIN LIAN and CHOLINEX (NIU HUANG JIE DU PIAN). The former is used to resolve fire toxin and clear repletion heat; the latter to clear heat and reduce fire.


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infection formula | chuan xin lianPrimary Functions and Applications:Chuan Xin Lian clears heat and reduces inflammation in the upper, middle, and lower burners. It is used to treat upper-warmer inflammation in common colds and flu, and to clear lung heat, relieving such symptoms as yellow sputum with cough and/or chronic asthma, pulmonary abscess, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and other infections.

In addition, Chuan Xin Lian clears heat and eliminates damp associated with damp-heat urinary tract infection, diarrhea, or dysentery.
Pharmacological research in China suggests that this herbal formula inhibits the growth of bacillus dysentery virus, streptococcus bacteria, staphlococcus bacteria, and diplococcus bacteria (as seen in pneumonia).
Directions: Take 2-3 tablets 3 times a day.
Packing: 100 tablets / bottle x 10.
Andrographis [Chuan Xin Lian] (above ground parts)
Dandelion [Pu Gong Ying] (whole plant)
Isatis [Ban Lan Gen] (root)
Caution: Do not use if pregnant.

Composition and Rationale: Andrographis clears heat; dandelion and isatis clear heat and resolve fire toxin; and isatis clears blood heat.


$50.00/12 bottles
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Total: $60.95

inflammation formula | niu huang jie du pianSource: Bian Zheng Zhun Sheng Fu Yu Ji (Differentiation Standards from Volume on Gynecology and Pediatrics), Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

Primary Functions and Applications: Cholinex is a popular, commonly used medicine for early-stage seasonal febrile disorder with fever and sore throat. It clears heat, reduces inflammation, and resolves fire toxin. It is effective in the treatment of repletion fire in the upper burner, with such symptoms as mouth dryness, throat dryness, tongue ulcer, mouth ulcer, toothache with or without swollen gums, and headache. It is also used to treat tonsillitis and pharyngitis (with symptoms such as fever, throat pain and swollen tonsils, with or without pus); conjunctivitis, parotitis (mumps); ear pain due to fire; constipation caused by excess heat (not constipation from yin depletion); and skin infections, including sores, carbuncles, and boils.
Contraindications: Cholinex contains Rhubarb, a strong precipitant and blood mover, and should not be used during pregnancy. Do not use for cases of depletion; use in cases of repletion heat only. Because of the purgative ingredients contained in this formula, bowel movements may occur frequently during its use.
Directions: Take 2 tablets 2 times a day.
Packing: 100 tablets/bottle x 12.
Japanese honeysuckle [Jin Yin Hua] (flower)
Coptis [Huang Lian] (rhizome)
Scutellaria [Huang Qin] (root)
Gardenia [Zhi Zi] (seed)
Rhubarb [Da Huang] (root)
Angelica [Bai Zhi] (root)
Mentha [Bo He] (root)
Ligusticum wallichii [Chuan Xiong] (rhizome)
Caution: Use for short time only. Do not use if pregnant. Do not use in deficiency heat syndromes. Do not use in coma following excessive sweating, vomiting, or hemorrhage, or if person is in shock with sweating, cold limbs, etc. In these cases, revive with formulas to warm the center and tonify qi.

Composition and Rationale: Japanese honeysuckle clear heat and resolve fire toxin; coptis clears heat, disperses replete fire and dries damp; mentha expels wind heat; scutellaria clears heat, resolves fire toxin, and dries damp; angelica expels wind, discharges pus, reduces swelling, and relieves pain; gardenia clears heat and calms the patient; rhubarb clears intestinal heat and moves the bowels; and ligusticum relieves pain and reduces wind.

We hope the list will become a helpful reference for people who want to start a small TCM pharmacy along with their practice. You are welcome to order these most basic and commonly used products. Ordered by case they are at a discounted rate.

Statements made on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, nor have they been evaluated by the USFDA or other regulatory bodies. Always consult a medical professional before taking any form of medication or adopting a specific exercise regimen.


$45.00/12 bottles
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Total: $55.95

honeysuckle & chrysanthemum extract | inflammation | infection

Primary Functions and Applications:
Use for early stage of millet-like carbuncles (shringles) and furuncles with hard base, fever, chills; or sores and abscess with redness and swelling that manifests a red tongue with yellow coating, and rapid pulse.

Take 8 pills 3 times a day.
Packing: 200 pills / bottle.

Japanese honeysuckle {Jin Yin Hua} (flower)
Chrysanthemum {Ju Hua} (flower)
Dandelion {Pu Gong Ying} (whole plant)

Caution: Do not use if pregnant.


$35.65/10 boxes
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Total: $46.60

dandelion combo | inflammation | infection

Primary Functions and Applications:
Anti-bacteria and reducing inflammation, clearing heat and disinhibiting urine. Use for helping urinary system infection, urethra sting, colpitis, urethritis, scrofula etc.

Take 1-2 pills 3 times a day.
Packing: 0.45g x 10 pills / box.

Andrographis {Chuan Xin Lian} (above ground parts)
Achyranthes {Niu Qi} (root)
Rehmannia {Sheng Di} (unprocessed root tuber)
Chinese skullcap {Huang Qin} (root)
Dandelion {Pu Gong Ying} (whole plant)
Tienchi ginseng {Tian Qi} (root)
Caution: Do not use if pregnant.

Infection & Inflammation

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